What are the Missouri state codes and regulations regarding service of process?
§375.256; §375.261; §375.906 RSMo and 20 CSR 800-2
How do I find the registered agent for a particular insurance company?
The director of insurance is appointed to receive service on behalf of all foreign authorized insurance companies, in any action instituted in any court of this state.
How do I know if the company is licensed in MO?
Visit our insurance company search page.
How do I serve a foreign authorized insurance company?
By delivery of (2) copies of the summons and petition by the sheriff of Cole County, MO.
What is the address for Service of Process?
{Name of Insurer}
c/o Director of Insurance
301 W. High Street, Room 530
Jefferson City, MO 65101
When sending Service of Process by Mail what should I include?
Acknowledgment Letter and Postage Paid return envelope
Is there a fee for service?
There is no fee charged to the plaintiff by this Department. A fee of ten dollars is charged to the defendant for accepting each service upon the company. §374.230 (10)
Will I receive anything from Insurance indicating service has been made?
No. Insurance will only contact you if service is rejected. If service is effective, an affidavit will be issued to the clerk of the court in which the case is filed.
Why might service be rejected?
  • If it is not an initial summons and petition.
  • If service is attempted on an individual or a non-insurance entity
  • If the name of the company on the summons is incorrect
  • If service is not delivered by a person over the age of 18, or is mailed without an Acknowledgment of Service by Mail pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 54.16.
  • If service is attempted on a domestic insurance company
Who do I call if I have a specific question about service of process?
Insurance Legal Section (573) 526-0000.