A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is a company that offers an insurance-like product to people who enroll with the company.

HMOs typically offer their enrollees a defined set of basic health care services for a prepaid, fixed fee. These services include hospital, physician and other professional health care services.

To receive care that will be paid for by the HMO, members usually must select a network primary care physician who provides for all of the member's primary medical care. This physician also acts as a "gatekeeper" who is responsible for referrals and access to specialists and other services.

Most HMOs limit patients' out-of-pocket expenses to small copayments.

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HMO Service Areas

A searchable list of all the licensed HMOs and the counties they are authorized to do business in. Please note that an HMO does not necessarily offer coverage in all the counties in which it is licensed.


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