Insurance is one of the last things you think about as a teenager, but as you become more independent it becomes a part of your life. Your car, visits to the doctor, the home computer are all affected by insurance. No matter which road you choose to take…join the military, go to college, get a job…insurance will be a part of your life.

Quick facts for teens: these easy PDF worksheets will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge of insurance and learn the basics of insurance coverage.

Test your insurance smarts

Insurance fraud

Do you have what it takes to be a fraud investigator? Can you tell the difference between a lie and an honest mistake? Test your investigating skills with the insurance fraud quiz.

Section 375.991 RSMo makes it illegal for any person to make a false statement, provide false information, or conceal a material fact relating to an insurance transaction. If you choose to do any of those activities – if you commit fraud, you could face felony criminal charges and be ordered to pay fines and restitution.


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