Most Missouri consumers know that homeowners insurance covers the house they live in — the structure itself. But it also covers most of your possessions, including electronics, furniture and clothing. And it covers them even while they’re somewhere else for a short time — like the trunk of your car. It also provides liability coverage, protecting you if someone gets hurt on your property. And it covers your additional cost of living if your home becomes uninhabitable due to an unforeseen event. This page provides consumers with more assistance as they try to find policies for new homes or replacement coverage.

Homeowners Insurance guide
Basic information needed when buying or using your homeowners coverage.
Homeowners policies
View policies from some of the state's largest insurance companies.
Homeowners insurers by county
For your county, retrieve the list of active homeowners insurers and their contact numbers.
Roofing Insurance
The information provided will help you learn more about roof coverage before there's a problem.
Post-Disaster Claims Guide
This resource will help you understand what to do after a natural disaster to recover from your loss.
Companies offering earthquake insurance
Homeowners insurance companies writing policies for new customers.
Home inventory checklist
Creating a list of your possessions will help you file an insurance claim in case of theft, fire or other damage.
Frequently asked questions
FAQs about homeowners insurance.
Glossary of terms (categorized)
Frequently used terms about auto, homeowners, workers comp and other insurance.
Consumer Complaint Index
Companies with the highest and lowest consumer complaint rates.
Severe weather or catastrophic events
Preparing for severe weather or catastrophic events.