To:           All Insurance Companies FilinAppointments/Terminations

From:      Carol S. Hartman, Supervisor, Licensing Section

Re:          Update on Agent Appointment and Termination Program

Date:       February 9, 2000

Regulation 20 CSR 700-1.135 requires all insurance companies to submit appointments and terminations in an electronic form. Companies may use a department-created data entry personal computer program to generate the file on diskette. We have updated this diskette filing program for compatibility with the more recent computer systems. This computer program will generate the appointments/terminations in the proper form on the diskette. This program can be downloaded or acquired from the department by sending a self-addressed, postage paid envelope and a 3.5" pre-formatted IBM compatible diskette to:

Missouri Department of Insurance
P O Box 690
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0690

The diskette with the appointments and terminations must be properly labeled. The Company Appointment/Termination Diskette Submission Authorization Form must be attached. All correspondence with the department must reference the company name and company number EXACTLY as it appears on the department's records. Abbreviations of the company name will result in rejected appointments and terminations due to improperly identified companies.

Companies may also electronically submit appointments and terminations through IRIN (Insurance Regulatory Information Network), an affiliate of the NAIC. For information about subscribing to this service, please contact IRIN at 816-783-8460.

Please contact the Licensing Section at 573-751-3518 if you need additional information.