To:           All Persons and Entities Licensed to Transact the Business of Insurance in the State of Missouri

From:      Doug Ommen, Director

Re:          Withdrawal of Certain Obsolete or Inoperative Bulletins

Date:       March 11, 2008

The Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (the "Department") issues this bulletin to withdraw and remove various bulletins previously issued by this Department. After careful review, the Director has concluded that a number of bulletins exist which are either no longer applicable or which have become obsolete either due to the passage of subsequent legislation or as a result of fundamental changes within the marketplace.

After careful review, the Director has concluded that the bulletins identified below are to be withdrawn and will no longer be in effect upon the issuance of this Bulletin 08-05.

The following bulletins are hereby withdrawn and no longer in effect:

84-02 Medicare Supplement Insurance Experience Report

84-03 Filing of All Policy Forms and Rates

84-04 Licensing Forms and Procedures

84-05 Estate Conservation Plans

85-01 Required Reporting of Statistical Data

85-02 Required Reporting of Statistical Data By Zip Code

85-03 Pre-licensing Educational Requirements in Missouri

85-04 Filing Requirements

85-05 Defense of Suicide

85-06 1985 Missouri Legislation

85-08 Missouri Division of Insurance

85-09 Market Availability Survey

86-01 Missouri Market Assistance Plan

86-02 Revised Reporting for 1985 Homeowners and Automobile Data

86-03 Market Availability Survey

86-04 Automobile and Homeowners Reporting

86-05 Second Injury Assessment Rate

86-06 Rescission of Missouri Division of Insurance Regulation 4 CSR 190-18.050; Workers’ Compensation Scheduled Rating

87-02 Automobile and Homeowners Reporting

87-11 Senate Bill 251, Missouri Title Insurance Law

87-12 Attached Survey

87-13 Attached Survey

87-15 Use of Lead Cards in Sale of Insurance

87-16 Reporting Requirements of House Bill 700

87-17 Application for Certificate of Authority

>88-02 House Bill 1244

88-03 Commissioners 1980 Standard Ordinary Mortality Table

88-04 Missouri Crime Insurance Program (MCIP)

89-04 Title Insurance Regulation

89-06 Title Insurance rates for Commercial Property Policies

89-07 Title Insurance Regulation

89-08 Prejudgment Interest

89-09 Second Injury Fund Surcharge

89-10 Statistical Reporting Requirements of Senate Bill 333

89-11 Survey

89-12 Second Injury Fund

89-13 Title Insurance Regulation

89-14 House Bill 1581

89-15 Continuing Education and Certification Letters

89-16 The Offering of Deposit Guarantees and the December 8, 1989 Public hearing on Use of Title Closing Protection Letters

90-01 Reporting of Checks, Drafts and other Items Subject to the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act

90-02 Section 376.805, RSMo 1986

90-03 Continuing Education Filing Fee

90-05 Medicare Supplement Rate Filings

90-06 NAIC policy Statement on Self-Evaluation of Financial Regulation Standards

90-09 Statistical Reporting Requirement – Medicare Supplement Insurance Experience Report – Revised Regulation 4 CSR 190-14.117

90-10 Medical Claims Consultants/Billing Audit Services

90-11 Renewal Date and renewal Fee Changes

90-12 Managing General Agents Act

90-13 Preliminary Meeting – Health High Risk Pool

90-14 Changes in Licensing Laws in Missouri

90-15 Calculation of Single Premium Credit Insurance Rates

90-16 The Missouri Health Insurance Pool

91-01 Agent Compensation Standards

91-03 Disclosure of Guarantee Fund Limitations – House Bill 385

91-04 Workers Compensation Policies

91-06 Physician’s Limiting Charge – Medicare Beneficiaries

92-01 Apparent Practices that Violate the Open Enrollment Law

92-02 Standardized Medicare Supplement Policies

92-03 Workers Compensation Policies

92-10 International Association of Entrepreneurs of America, Inc (IAEA)

92-11 Deductible Plans for Workers’ Compensation Policies

92-12 Abatement of Workers’ Compensation Tax for Calendar Year 1993

93-01 Premium credits for employers using certified managed care programs

93-02 Small employer health insurance availability act

93-03 Deductible plans for workers' compensation policies -"large" deductibles

93-04 Court decisions affecting auto insurers

93-05 379.201 revised statutes of Missouri

93-06 Title plant registration

93-08 Missouri Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act

93-11 All Insurers Writing Workers Compensation in Missouri

93-12 Safety Credits and MCO Credits

93-14 Workers' Compensation Rate Filings-- Electronic Readable Format

94-03 The use of A.M.Best and Company's ratings by lenders

94-06 Company appointments/cancellations

94-07 Fines on delinquent filings

95-01 New mandated benefit and required offer of coverage

95-03 Assignment to the State of Missouri

96-01 Title Insurance Changes

96-04 Actuarial certification

96-05 Modifications to service area and/or provider network

96-07 Implementation of SB 664 provisions relating to continuing education credit

96-08 Association groups

97-02 Electronic Filing of Company Appointments/Terminations

97-05 Implementation Dates for HB 335

97-07 Association Groups

97-08 Licensing of Health Maintenance Organization Enrollment Representatives

97-09 Automobile Insurance Identification Cards

98-05 Named Driver Exclusions

98-06 Standardized Credentialing Form Supplement

98-07 Association Groups

99-01 Year 2000 (Y2K) Coverage and Endorsements

99-03 Compliance With Changes To Medicare Supplement Rules

99-04 Summary Of 1999 Missouri Legislation Impacting Health Plan Benefits

99-05 Summary Of 1999 Missouri Legislation Impacting Health Plan Benefits – Corrected

99-06 Y2K Compliance

00-02 Recent Legislation Regarding Missouri Title Insurance Laws

01-02 Hail Damage Claims

02-03 Terrorism Exclusions in Commercial Lines and Personal Lines

02-05 AGENTS BEWARE – Illegal "ERISA" And "Union Plan" Scams

03-02 The Federal Trade Act Of 2002 Health Coverage Tax Credit

04-03 Legislation Enacted in the 2004 Legislative Session