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During the 1993 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly passed a workers’ compensation reform package known as Senate Bill 251. Section 14 of that bill (subsequently assigned to Section 287.896 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri) required the Department of Insurance to “approve a plan of operation for a new residual market that will guarantee insurance coverage and quality loss prevention and control services for employers seeking coverage through the plan.”

The department issued requests for proposal for a new residual market structure and effective July 1, 1995, Travelers was selected as the contract carrier in a joint venture with Alexander and Alexander.

Subsequent requests for proposal were issued in March 2003, November 2006 and with Travelers selected as the contract carrier in a joint venture with Aon Risk Services.


Producers must endeavor to place workers' compensation coverage in the voluntary market. Coverage is available through the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan only where the producer certifies on an application approved by the department that the producer has been unable to obtain coverage at a comparable cost through the voluntary market.

Contract carrier

Travelers Property Casualty Company of America is a subsidiary of The Travelers Companies.

New tool available for producers: Missouri Quick Quote

The Quick Quote is an easy and convenient online tool to assist you with calculating premiums for Missouri Assigned Risk new business.

Access to the Missouri Quick Quote is provided upon receipt of the Missouri Quick Quote Application, which can be obtained by contacting the Missouri Workers Compensation Plan at 800-842-9346 or by email. Call or email if you have questions about this tool.

Application for coverage

1. A complete application is required (ACORD 130). Submit applications by:

Regular mail
Travelers – MO Workers' Comp Plan
P.O. Box 3556
Orlando, FL 32802

Overnight mail
Travelers – MO Workers' Comp Plan
2420 Lakemont Ave.
Orlando, FL 32814

1 (844) 335-7825

Applicants must include the original application with an original signature of an officer/owner along with a deposit check made payable to Travelers.

If the following information is missing from the application, the requested effective date may be impacted and the application and deposit may be returned:

  • Physical location in Missouri.
  • Original signature of the officer/owner and the insurance producer.
  • Company’s phone number.
  • Company’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Rating information: Class code(s); estimated annual remuneration/payroll, rate; and estimated annual manual premium.
  • Premium calculation (Missouri Quick Quote tool may be used to help calculate the premium – attaching a Quick Quote calculation is recommended but not required)
  • Prior carrier information/loss history.
  • Nature of business/description of operations.

2. Payroll verification

  • A copy of the employer's latest filed federal employer 941, 941E, 942 or 943 form, or
  • Equivalent federal or state required verifiable current payroll record, such as an unemployment wage report.

3. Supporting documents

Sole proprietors and partners are considered employers, not employees, and are not covered by your policy. Sole proprietors and partners can be added to the policy by endorsement. Payroll for all sole proprietors and partners is currently assessed at $40,600 per year. If partners or sole proprietors elect coverage, payroll must be included, and a letter stating clear intent must be attached to the application.

Corporate officers are considered employees of the corporation and must be covered.

Limited liability company members are covered by your workers' compensation policy unless they specifically state they do not wish to be covered, using a special endorsement to your policy.

Limited liability corporation (LLC) members must submit a signed rejection form to be excluded.

4. Deposit: A certified, cashier's, insured's or agency check payable to Travelers should be forwarded with the completed application to:

Regular mail

Travelers – MO Workers Comp Plan
P.O. Box 3556
Orlando, FL 32802

Overnight mail

Travelers – MO Workers' Comp Plan
2420 Lakemont Ave.
Orlando, FL 32814


Pay plan options

Estimated annual premium Payment basis Minimum deposit percentage Additional payments during year
Under $2,500 Annual 100% of annual None
At least $2,500 Semi-Annual 75% of annual One*
At least $10,000 Quarterly 50% of annual Three*
If the employer’s estimated annual premium equals or exceeds $250,000, they qualify for the Mandatory Missouri Loss Sensitive Rating Plan. An additional 20 percent deposit is required by the plan. *$10 service charge per installment.

Determining effective date

  1. For all employers other than those formerly self-insured, coverage will be bound at 12:01 a.m. on the first day following the U.S. Postal Service postmark time and date on the envelope in which the application is mailed, including the estimated annual or deposit premium, or the expiration of existing coverage, whichever is later.
    Note: For effective date determination, a postage meter (device that generates indicia imprinted on or affixed to mail pieces to show prepayment of postage) mark is not considered to be a postmark.
  2. If there is no U.S. postmark, coverage will be effective 12:01 a.m. of the date of receipt by the contract carrier unless a later date is requested.
  3. Applications hand delivered to the contract carrier will be effective as of 12:01 a.m. the date following receipt by the contract carrier unless a later date is requested.
  4. The contract carrier will accept an application by fax. Coverage will be bound within 24 hours after the fax receipt date of the completed application if the premium is received within five days.
  5. For employers formerly self-insured, coverage will be bound at 12:01 a.m. not later than 60 days following the U.S. postmark time and date on the envelope in which the application is mailed including the estimated annual or deposit premium, or the expiration of existing coverage, whichever is later.
  6. If there is no U.S. postmark, coverage will be effective 12:01 a.m. not later than 60 days following the date of receipt by the contract carrier unless a later date is requested.
  7. Applications that are hand delivered to the contract carrier will be effective 12:01 a.m. not later than 60 days following the date of receipt by the contract carrier, unless a later date is requested.


Policies will be issued utilizing the classifications, forms, rates and rating data included in the contract carrier's Request for Proposal (RFP) response or as otherwise approved by the director. NCCI rating plans will be utilized. Since various programs such as Assigned Risk Adjustments, Rate Differentials, Surcharges and Missouri Injury Management Program have been approved, we suggest you verify the premium calculations with the contract carrier.

Premium discount Not applicable
Expense constant Refer to miscellaneous values for expense constant 100% of annual None
Increased EL limits Standard limits $100/$100/$500 No premium charge
Increased limits $500/$500/$500 (0.8% of premium)
$1,000/$1,000/$1,000 (1.1% of premium)
Safety Program Missouri Injury Management Program (MIMP)
Merit Rating Not applicable
Retro Rating Plan Missouri Loss Sensitive Rating Plan (LSRP)
Assigned Risk Adjustment Program (ARAP) Applicable – maximum factor 25%
Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Program (CCPAP Applicable
Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) Applicable: Surcharge is based on payroll Payroll /100 x TRIA factor. Refer to miscellaneous values of rate pages for TRIA factor

Missouri Injury Management Program (updated July 1, 2012)

The Missouri Injury Management Program is essentially an “earn while you learn” program providing many significant benefits to participating employers. A premium credit is offered to employers who become certified in MIMP. While the credit is a meaningful incentive, the true value of the program lies in the long-term savings that can be achieved through loss management at the work site. The key to controlling workers’ compensation costs is providing employers the education, tools, and procedures needed to prevent injuries and manage injured workers. Through MIMP, employers are taught the true cost drivers of the system and are given tools and procedures to manage those costs.

To receive the premium credit employers must fulfill all the certification requirements for the entire policy year.

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan requires that MIMP notify any prospective client of the following:

  1. This program is available to experience rated employers in the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan with manual premiums above $3,500 and non-experience rated employers with manual premiums above $5,000. Note: Employers with a total premium above $250,000 must participate in the mandatory LSRP but may also participate in MIMP. MIMP employers under LSRP are not eligible for the premium credit but will be given a lower minimum factor for valuations.
  2. The premium credits available under this program cannot be offered after the subscriber has received credits based on three years of participation.
  3. To be eligible for the full premium credit, the subscriber must enroll in the program within 90 days of policy inception or within 30 days of a qualifying endorsement.
  4. Premium adjustments resulting from the application of any policy credit will be made at the time of final audit.
  5. Approval of the MIMP credit is based on information and other data available to the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan at the time of approval and does not constitute a warranty of the quality or effectiveness of services offered by the Missouri Injury Management Program.

Missouri Loss Sensitive Rating Plan

The rules under this pan are mandatory and apply to only to workers' comp and employers liability insurance that is written under the Missouri Workers' Compensation Plan. The LSRP shall apply to all assigned risk employers qualifying for the plan.


Plan is mandatory

The Residual Market LSRP is a mandatory plan and shall apply to all assigned risk policies with a total estimated annual standard premium or total audited standard premium that equals or exceeds $250,000.  

Object of plan

This plan adjusts the premium for the insurance to which it applies on the basis of losses incurred during the period covered by that insurance. The intent is to charge a premium that reflects those losses. This plan uses the losses incurred during the policy term to establish the cost of insurance and includes provisions for all expenses and taxes on premium. The policy period is one year.

Loss control incentive in use of the plan

The LSRP provides an incentive to the employer to control and reduce losses because the LSRP premium will be the result of losses during the policy period. To the extent the employer controls losses, there is a reward through lower premiums. To the extent the insured does not control losses, there is a penalty through higher premiums.

Experience Rating Plan Manual

Separate policies in the MWCP under common majority ownership as provided by the rules of the Experience Rating Plan that are assigned to the same carrier shall be combined for computation of the LSRP premium.

Risks operating in more than one state

LSRP will be applied on an intrastate Missouri-only basis.

LSRP expenses

The expenses are fixed and are included in the basic premium.

LSRP factors
Basic premium factor 0.300
Loss conversion factor 1.125
Tax multiplier 1.028
Retro development factors First adjustment: 0.17
Second adjustment: 0.03
Third adjustment: 0.00
Minimum factor (Min) 0.75 [uncertified MIMP employers]
0.65 [certified MIMP employers]
Retro Rating Plan Maximum factor (Max): 1.75

LSRP calculation example
Note: Illustrative values (Not MIMP certified)

Standard premium (SP) $339,000
Incurred losses 1st valuation $254,250
Incurred losses 2nd valuation $271,200
Incurred losses 3rd valuation $305,100
Factors Basic 0.30
Minimum 0.75 or 254,250 = 0.75 x 339,000
Maximum 1.75 or 593,250 = 1.75 x 339,000
Loss conversion factor (LCF) 1.125
Tax multiplier  1.028
Retrospective development factor (RDFs) 1st adjustment 0.17
2nd adjustment 0.03
3rd adjustment 0.00


LSRP premium (LSRP) = Tax [(Basic x SP) + (RDF x LCF x SP) + (LCF x incurred losses)]

LSRP premium calculations:

  • 1st adjustment
    • LSRP = 1.028 [(.30 x 339,000) + (.17 x 1.125 x 339,000) + (1.125 x 254,250)]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [101,700 + 64,834 + 286,031]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [452,565]
    • LSRP = 465,237
    • Additional premium (AP) = $58,437 [465,237 – 339,000 – 67,800]
  • 2nd adjustment
    • LSRP = 1.028 [(.30 x 339,000) + (.03 x 1.125 x 339,000) + (1.125 x 271,200)]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [101,700 + 11,441 + 305,100]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [418,241]
    • LSRP = 429,952
    • Return Premium (RP) = $35,285 [465,237 – 429,952]
  • 3rd adjustment
    • LSRP = 1.028 [(.30 x 339,000) + (.00 x 1.125 x 339,000) + (1.125 x 305,100)]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [101,700 + 0 + 343,238]
    • LSRP = 1.028 [444,938]
    • LSRP = 457,396
    • AP = $27,444[457,396 – 429,952]

Impact on your workers' compensation costs

The ultimate impact of the LSRP will depend on your losses over time. However, with good loss experience an individual employer’s final premium is typically less than standard; it is more than standard with poor loss experience.

Risk Control Services

Risk Control Services are provided automatically for policyholders meeting performance standard eligibility. Any employer may request risk control by contacting the Missouri Workers Compensation Plan at 1-800-842-9346.

Premium Audit

As the contract carrier in the Missouri ARM, we are required to complete final audits within 75 days of the policy expiration date or cancellation effective date. Please help us, help them, in completing audits timely to avoid estimated audits, having insureds made uncooperative with audit and potentially ineligible for further coverage under the ARM.

Failure to Comply with Final Audit

If your client does not allow us to examine and audit all of his/her records that relate to this policy, we may utilize an Audit Non-compliance charge up to two times the estimated annual premium for purposes of determining the final premium. [Refer to Missouri Amendatory Endorsement, WC 24 06 04 B]

Additional coverages available

  1. Coverage under the U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (USL&H). If USL&H coverage is provided, the following coverages are available as an extension of USL&H:
    Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.
    Defense Base Act.
    Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act.
  2. Coverage for Maritime (Admiralty), Program I or Program II, at the standard limit per accident of $100,000, written as an adjunct to state act coverage.
  3. Coverage for alternate employer if required of the employer by contract and only when the state of operations of the alternate employer is Missouri. The Alternate Employer Endorsement (WC 00 03 01 A) shall be utilized to provide this coverage.
  4. The endorsement Waiver of Our Right to Recover From Others (WC 00 03 13) is available if required of the employer by contract. The endorsement does not apply to policies in Missouri where the employer is in the construction group of code classifications. According to Section 287.150(6) of the Missouri statutes, a contractual provision purporting to waive subrogation rights is against public policy and void where one party to the contract is an employer in the construction group of code classifications.

The additional premium charge for a waiver of subrogation shall be 5 percent of the manual premium developed in conjunction with the work for which that waiver is provided, subject to a $250 minimum charge for the waiver.

Certificates of insurance

  1. Certificates of insurance shall be issued by the contract carrier within two working days after receipt of request, if consistent with the terms and conditions of the policy.
  2. The  plan administrator may allow the employer's agent or broker to issue certificates of insurance, but only under the following condition:
    The certificate is issued consistent with the terms and conditions of the policy.
    That coverage be certified only on the standard ACORD certificate of insurance form.
    That the certificate holder should not be extended any greater rights than the insured.
    That copies of all certificates issued by the employer's agent must be forwarded to the plan administrator.
    No certificates are to be issued prior to coverage being bound.
  3. Failure to issue certificates in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy or failure to submit copies to the contract carrier may result in revocation of the agent's authority to issue such certificates.
  4. Any certificate not issued in accordance with the above criteria may be rejected.

Note: Certificates are issued by the account manager underwriter assigned to the account. This account manager underwriter is the “single point of contact” for all underwriting, accounting, billing, and customer service issues. A producer or insured may directly contact an account manager underwriter by calling the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan at 800-842-9346.

Limited other states coverage

Policies issued through the Missouri Workers' Compensation Plan only provide coverage for business operations within Missouri. Coverage for operations in other states will have to be obtained elsewhere.

While the Missouri plan policy provides limited other states coverage for extra-territorial exposures, this coverage is intended to provide insurance protection for Missouri employees who travel to other states.

Because the plan provides all insured employers with coverage for extra-territorial exposures associated with their Missouri employees, the following guidelines should help you determine when the employee's work situation will require you to obtain additional coverage. (If you need help in obtaining coverage in another state, contact your agent or the plan at 800-842-9346.

Determining coverage requirements

The following guidelines have been developed for determining eligibility requirements for extra-territorial coverage. A Missouri employer is covered by the Missouri plan and eligible for extra-territorial coverage if:

  • The work is being performed by Missouri employees;
  • The duration of the work being performed in a state other than Missouri does not exceed 90 days;
  • and  
  • The workers' compensation laws of that state do not require the employer to secure separate coverage prior to beginning operations in that state.

This coverage does not apply to permanent operations in any state other than Missouri.   

Producer's fee

Producer's fee (effective July 1, 2008): Paid on state standard premium
First $1,000 8 percent
Next $4,000 5 percent
Next $95,000 3 percent
Over $100,000 2 percent

Request for loss runs

Producers or employers may request loss runs by faxing a request to the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Plan at 877-634-3710. Please include the name as it appears on the policy, policy number and policy periods for which loss runs are desired. Loss run requests are generally filled within five business days.

Service location

Missouri ARM policies will be serviced from the Travelers’ St. Louis service center. All correspondence, underwriting, billing, risk control and other questions related to the servicing of Missouri Alternate Residual Market business should be directed to:

Missouri Workers' Compensation Plan
PO Box 3556
Orlando, FL 32802
Phone: 800-842-9346
Fax: 877-634-3710

REVISED 6-1-17