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Crop insurance or multi-peril insurance protects farmers from losses due to natural disasters, such as drought and severe storms. Coverage can be purchased through private insurance companies or agents. Separate policies are needed to protect livestock and dairy revenues.

Applications for crop insurance coverage must be submitted by deadlines that vary by crop. For example, the deadline for corn and soybeans in Missouri is March 15. It's also the last day farmers can choose not to renew their insurance policy for the upcoming year. Ask your crop insurance about deadlines that apply to you.

What do I do if I have crop damage?

Most crop insurance policies require claims to be filed within 72 hours of discovering damage. Farmers with crop damage should contact their crop insurance agent as soon as possible. They can also contact the federal Risk Management Agency online or by phone at 202-690-2803.

Start by reviewing your insurance policy provisions and work with your insurance agent before destroying any damaged crops to plant a second crop or harvest corn for silage, if it had been insured as a grain crop.

The RMA says to report crop damage:

  • Before replanting (some policies offer reimbursement for replanting costs);
  • Within 72 hours of discovery of damage;
  • Fifteen days before harvest begins; and
  • Within 15 days after harvesting is completed (by insurance unit) or the end of the insurance period.

Farmers should document their losses and not destroy any crops without clear direction from the insurance company, in writing if possible.

We can help

If you believe your insurance company has not handled your claim properly, file a complaint. We will determine whether your insurance company has followed Missouri law in processing your claim.