Suppose you have an auto accident and you hurt or kill someone, damage someone else's property or damage your own car. If you are found legally responsible, Missouri's Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law requires you to pay for the other person's injuries and damages. If you can't pay, you can lose your driving privileges or even risk a criminal conviction and time in jail.

Most Missourians rely on automobile liability insurance to prove they are financial responsible.

Automobile liability insurance protects you from paying a large amount of money at the time of an accident if the accident is your fault - and protects the victims against their losses. Besides liability and uninsured motorist insurance, you also may want to consider insuring against theft or physical damage to your car caused by collision, fire, theft, windstorm or hail.

When deciding to buy automobile insurance or any other insurance, you should ask:

  • How much of my property can I afford to lose if it is damaged or stolen?
  • What property could be damaged or stolen and how much does it cost to replace?
  • If I am sued by someone who suffered injuries because of my carelessness, how would I pay the legal costs and possible damage awards?

Go through these steps carefully to learn how you can protect yourself against these and other risks. Don’t rush into purchasing insurance coverage. Get all of the facts and think carefully before buying. You and your family have to live with the consequences of your decision.