A licensed agent or broker can help you purchase insurance coverage. They can inform you about the types of policies available and how you can best protect yourself. They should assist you in filing claims and making sure your claims are settled promptly and fairly.

Agents and brokers must be licensed by the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. Their license is proof they have passed state examinations that require a thorough understanding of insurance policies and practices. Always be sure that you are doing business with a licensed agent or broker.

A responsible agent or broker will:

  • Take time to clearly explain your policies and coverage.
  • Review your insurance needs annually to see that your policies are adjusted to changing circumstances.
  • Examine your overall insurance picture when you are considering additional coverage.
  • Explain how your premium rates are determined, and suggest ways you can save money on your auto insurance.

Select your agent or broker with care. Choose an agent in whom you have confidence. Obtain help from people with experience in dealing with insurance. A good way to locate an agent or broker is by referral from satisfied relatives and friends. Talk to agents and brokers from several companies to learn about and compare the services they offer.