House Bill 1311 requires Missouri health insurers to provide coverage for autism in general, and for applied behavior analysis (ABA) for insureds 18 years of age and younger. An initial annual limit for ABA was set at $40,000 per year. The law requires that the Department of Insurance annually adjust the $40,000 ABA coverage limit for inflation.

Year ABA Mandated Coverage Limits
2017 $43,826
2016 $43,478
2015 $43,427
2014 $42,734
2013 $42,117
2012 $41,263
2011 $40,000

The law also requires the department to annually issue a report to the legislature assessing the impact of the autism mandate on the insurance marketplace:

2017 Autism Report

2016 Autism Report

2015 Autism Report

2014 Autism Report

2013 Autism Report

2012 Autism Report



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