March 01, 2021

Review your insurance coverage before severe weather arrives

Jefferson City, Mo – Now is the best time to take action to prepare for Missouri’s severe weather season. The Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance wants consumers to know there are essential steps they can take now to ensure they have peace of mind to weather future storms.

“We want all Missourians to be fully prepared for severe weather,” said Chlora Lindley-Myers, Director of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. “Reviewing your insurance policy before you receive damage from storms or flooding is crucial for recovery. We want people to be prepared and knowledgeable so they aren’t surprised during the claims process following a severe weather event.”

Although consumers may already have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, they should be sure they know exactly what it covers. If consumers don’t own a policy, they should consider meeting with an insurance agent as soon as possible in order to protect themselves from a possible devastating loss.

Steps to Preparing for Severe Weather Season:

  • Homeowners insurance policies should be reviewed each year to ensure coverage is adequate. It’s easy to forget about important household purchases or home improvements. The current level of coverage may not be enough to replace what a consumer owns.

  • Renters should consider purchasing or reviewing their renters insurance to avoid issues.

  • Review your roof coverage. Insurance policies and levels of coverage vary greatly. One common concern in Missouri are roof repairs as a result of storm damage. Some insurance policies may cover full replacement—while other policies may depreciate coverage based on the age of the roof. DCI provides a roof insurance guide to assist consumers in reviewing their policies based on available options.

  • A standard homeowners policy does not cover flood damage. Consumers may want to consider reviewing the National Flood Insurance Program, especially if living  in an area with frequent floodwaters. It’s important to be proactive if considering flood insurance as there is often a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase for these policies to go into effect.

  • Do a home inventory and document your personal belongings. A simple step that will help assist consumers file a severe weather claim is documenting their personal property. DCI’s home inventory checklist guide makes it easy to record these household items.

  • Contact DCI with problems or complaints. DCI licenses agents and insurers, so we can help resolve many disputes consumers may experience with their claims. Consumers may call DCI’s Insurance Consumer Hotline at 800-726-7390 or they may file a complaint online.

The Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance provides more severe weather resources and tips for consumers on their website.