About Roof Insurance

Likely, you have purchased homeowner's insurance to protect that investment in case something destroys it.

Did you know, not all homeowners' insurance policies are the same? Especially when it comes to covering the roof that shields you and your belongings from all of Mother Nature's fury.

Your roof doesn't attract much attention until there's a storm and it's damaged. When it's damaged it is expensive to fix. You don't want to find out about your insurance coverage after your roof is damaged.

The information provided below will help you learn more about roof coverage before there's a problem. That way you know you have the insurance coverage you want or need.

Know Your Options

If you need more coverage for your roof, you can call your insurance agent (called a producer) and ask them about your options. You can also shop around for a different insurance company that has better coverage for your roof.

Remember, you'll be responsible for anything that isn't covered by your insurance. For instance, wear and tear (referred to as depreciation) of a roof over time isn't covered. But a windstorm that rips up a section of your roof is.

This information is provided for educational purposes and it does not provide any guarantees of coverage. The content of your insurance policy, which includes any and all endorsements to your policy, determines coverage.

Always read your insurance policy carefully. If you have any questions, ask your agent or company representative for additional information.

The Department does not endorse, recommend, advertise or comment on the quality of any particular company's product. You should shop around to find companies and policies that best suits your insurance needs.

Select Insurance Company

Below, select the name of your insurance company, or an insurance company you're considering, and see a brief summary of their roof coverage. This tool includes information for the top 20 homeowners insurance companies in Missouri. If your insurance company or the company you are considering aren't on this list, use this information to ask your agent questions.

Helpful tip: Check your homeowner's declarations page to find the name of your current insurance company.