07-06: HB 818 (2007) Dependent Age Revisions

To:          All Health Insurers

From:     Linda Bohrer, Director

Re:         HB 818 (2007) dependent age revisions to §§354.536, 376.426 and 376.776 RSMo

Date:      December 3, 2007

The General Assembly passed HB 818 during the 2007 legislative session.  This bill was subsequently signed by the Governor.  Sections 354.536, 376.426, 376.776 RSMo, were revised and those revisions go into effect January 1, 2008.

Insurance Market Regulation Division, provides this bulletin, prior to submission of proposed rules to the Secretary of State’s Office, regarding our enforcement of the dependent age changes to the law. (Sections referenced above) 

 The division intends to enforce the dependent age language change in the following way: