Motor Vehicle Extended Service Contracts

Most new cars come with a factory warranty that is included in the price of the vehicle. But some consumers buy motor vehicle extended service contracts on cars whose factory warranty has expired. MVESCs typically cover the cost of repair, replacement or maintenance of their vehicle, due to defects or normal wear-and-tear. These contracts are available from a car dealership, or they may be advertised on television, radio, online or sold by telemarketers.

To protect consumers, Missouri law says administrators, providers and other producers (marketers) of motor vehicle extended service contracts:

Tips for consumers shopping for motor vehicle extended service contracts:

Resources for consumers

Consumer Alert: State Insurance Department warns of misleading car warranty postcards, phone calls

Find an Agent/Agency licensed to sell MVESCs

Find a registered MVESC provider

Check for defects and recalls affecting your vehicle

How to file a complaint

Before your complaint can be processed, you must first submit the following documents along with your
consumer complaint form:

Vehicle Service Contract Laws

Section 385.200-220 RSMo