October 02, 2019

New Online Medigap Rate Shopper Tool released in time to help consumers shop for policies during open enrollment

Shopping for a Medicare policy, also referred to as a Medigap policy, can sometimes be confusing for senior citizens, their families and caregivers. To make this process easier, the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) has released an electronic Medigap Rate Shopper Tool to assist consumers as they search for a plan that meets their personal needs.

In time for Medicare Open Enrollment, which begins on October 15th, this free tool will allow consumers to search for individual Medigap rates and plans available in the Missouri zip code where they reside. 

The Medigap Rate Shopper Tool will provide available plans and company contact information, as well as annual rates based on the consumer’s zip code, age, tobacco use and type of plan. The premium a consumer actually pays may vary, as it reflects the individual’s specific information and needs. This online tool offers more user friendly features such as a mobile friendly version, direct access to company websites, the ability to sort and print search results, and the most current rates and plan availability. 

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer this new price comparison tool for our Medicare eligible consumers,” said Chlora Lindley-Myers, Director of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. “Our team leveraged existing regulatory systems to maximize the information available about this insurance coverage which is so important to Missouri seniors and their families. Empowering our citizens to shop for plans in a way that results in a more personalized price and product is an important improvement.”

The Department of Commerce and Insurance worked with Medigap policy carriers in order to develop this tool, and is appreciative of their assistance. And, while the information is designed to help comparison shop for coverage to supplement Medicare benefits, it is not a recommendation or endorsement of any company.

For more information about Medicare and Supplemental policies, visit the Department’s website.