Welcome to the Missouri online Medigap Rate Shopper Tool. If you or someone you know is shopping for Medigap coverage, also known as Medicare Supplement, the following tool may be a helpful resource in your shopping journey. This tool will allow you to customize your search and compare rates from insurance companies offering Medigap plans where you live. You can search by age, gender, smoker/nonsmoker and zip code and quickly find plan options and annual rates available to you.

This page is updated on the second and last Friday of each month. During these days, data will not be complete. For reliable results, do not use this shopping tool during those dates.

This data does not include group insurance products, such as Unitedhealthcare’s AARP product. For these products, please contact the insurer directly. The DCI is currently contemplating collecting group data in the future.

Tool Instructions:
In 3 easy steps, you can generate a list of companies, plans, and rates for plans available in your area.
  1. Select your search criteria using the drop down lists and enter your 5 digit Missouri zip code
  2. Click the plan boxes for the plans that are most appropriate for your specific needs or select all plans
  3. Click Submit

A list will be generated based on the criteria you provided. The list provides the annual rate, company name, plan type, policy form number, and the company telephone number. You may sort this list by the titles in the blue bar at the top of the search results, adjust the number of results in the list, search for a specific company, click the company name to be redirected to that company’s website, easily locate company telephone numbers and even print your search results.

When you see this " " more information is available. Simply place your cursor over this icon and the additional information will appear.

This helpful tool is designed to provide assistance as you shop for Medigap insurance. The rates shown in your search results may not be exact and are not guaranteed. Rates may be different based on several factors and it is always best to consult the company. The Department does not endorse or recommend any company or plan.

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