Missouri WC Rate Information
Find historical information for loss costs in Missouri and compare overall rate changes for each workers' comp carrier
Missouri Rate Guide
Find the lowest rates filed with the Department by Insurance companies for your class code.
WC Filing Instructions
Includes required forms and diskette submission formatting instructions
WC tax and Second Injury Fund surcharge rates
For 2006
For 2005
For 2004
2004 Workers' Compensation Administrative Tax and Second Injury Fund Surcharge
02-01--Modified Guidelines for Deductible Workers' Compensation Policies
02-02-- Workers' Compensation Schedule Rating Credits
98-03--Calculation of Workers' Compensation Premium Tax and Second Injury Fund Surcharge
97-03--Missouri Workers' Compensation Schedule Rating Plan Guidelines
96-02--Treatment of limited liability (LLCs) for premium collection and audit purposes
93-01--Premium credits for employers using certified managed care programs
93-03--Deductible plans for workers' compensation policies—- "large" deductibles
93-07--Deductible plans for workers' compensation policies: "Large" and "small" deductibles
93-11--Loss Cost Data
93-12--Safety Credits and MCO Credits
93-14--Workers' Compensation Rate Filings-- Electronic Readable Format—-Emergency Rule 20 CSR 500-6.950