The following rates are in effect for 2024:

  • Administrative Tax (authorized under Sec. 287.690) - 1.5 percent
  • Administrative Surcharge (authorized under Sec. 287.716) - 1.5 percent
  • Second Injury Fund Surcharge (authorized under Sec. 287.715) - 3.0 percent
  • Second Injury Fund Supplemental Surcharge (authorized under Sec. 287.715.6) - 0.0 percent

If you have questions or need additional information, contact the Division of Workers' Compensation at 800-775-2667 or the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance at 800-394-0964. View the 2024 Workers’ Compensation Memorandum.

Rates and Rules
This includes rate filings, schedule rating, deductible plans, dividend plans and retro/LRARO plans.  If you are not using  NCCI plans, you must file your own.  Your rating organization cannot file rates, schedule rating plans or large deductible plans for you.  Be aware that any policy forms needed to implement the program will need prior approval.
All forms need prior approval. Be sure to give yourself plenty of lead time.