Effective August 28, 2022, Section 375.159 RSMo was amended to allow for a new license of Travel Business Entity Producer.

If the entity currently has a Business Entity Producer license and has an individual producer affiliated with the travel line of authority, the entity may choose to keep the licenses as they are.

Licensing Requirements for Entities Domiciled Outside of Missouri

Corporations, associations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, or other legal entities acting as insurance producers are required to obtain an insurance business entity producer license.

Submit the NAIC Uniform Application for Business Entity License/Registration

Organizational Documents

  • Foreign Corporations, Limited liability companies or limited liability partnerships; Attach a copy of the Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incorporation, or a Certificate of Organization. The Certificate must be dated within the past year and issued by the state granting the authority to conduct business as a corporation or limited liability company or by the Missouri Secretary of State. If the business entity has an office in the state of Missouri, the certificate must be issued by the Missouri Secretary of State. In lieu of a Secretary of State document, we will accept a letter of certification dated within the past 6 months from your home state insurance department.
  • Partnerships: Attach a copy of the Registration of Fictitious Name.
  • Sole Proprietorship: A Registration of Fictitious Name is not required.

Other Requirements

  • List all Missouri licensed insurance producers conducting business on behalf of the business entity producer. Include the producer’s legal name and Missouri license number. The business entity producer must have at least one Missouri licensed producer at each location conducting Missouri business. The application will be returned if this listing is not attached.
  • Attach a list of all branch offices conducting Missouri business.
  • If application is submitted electronically, all organizational documents and other requirements must be emailed to licensing@insurance.mo.gov – Attn: Online Transaction.
  • If application is mailed, all organizational documents and other requirements must be mailed with paper application and fee.

Verify and Print Your License

Change of Business Entity Producer Status

Changes to the information contained in the original application for a business entity producer license should be provided on Change of Business Entity Producer Status within 20 working days of the effective date of changes. Use this form to update the Business Entity Producer’s name, address, officers/owners, designated responsible licensed producers, branch offices, and changes of affiliated licensed producers.