August 04, 2016

Missouri Department of Insurance opens insurance producer registration for 2016 Director's Regulatory Summit

Jefferson City, Mo - Insurance producers doing business in Kansas or Missouri can earn continuing education credits during the 2016 Director's Regulatory Summit, the Missouri Department of Insurance announced today. Producers can expect to learn about issues impacting regulation in Kansas and Missouri.

"In addition to hearing from regulatory experts from the Missouri and Kansas Departments, we will bring together experts from throughout the industry to discuss issues impacting the insurance industry today," said Missouri Department of Insurance Director John M. Huff. "This is the first time the summit will offer a track specifically tailored to the needs and interests of insurance producers."

Insurance producers can earn up to four hours of continuing education credits in both Kansas and Missouri for just $59 by attending the summit, Thursday, Oct. 13 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  The producer track will start at noon and run through 5 pm. 

Huff will host the half-day producer track in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Insurance and Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer.

The track sessions will cover a wide variety of insurance regulatory topics. 

  • Cybersecurity. While new technology offers both the insurance industry and consumers more efficient ways of conducting business, it also poses new threats. Producers will learn about cybersecurity risks, best practices to mitigate their own risk and how to educate policyholders on ways they can protect themselves in our constantly evolving technological world.
  • Trends & Transformations Impacting Today's Producer. Get a bird's-eye view on what is happening nationally in the insurance industry, how the insurance market is changing and how this can impact you and your policyholders. Consumer trends, technology and a continually evolving regulatory environment are changing the role and responsibilities of insurance producers. In this session, regulators and industry experts will dissect a number of current issues and talk about how they are changing the landscape for today's producers. Whether it is rebating, financial exploitation or the recently released Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule, this session will hit some of the hottest issues on the minds of insurance producers today.
  • During Producer Investigations and Disciplinary Actions 101, a panel of regulators and industry representatives will discuss producer investigations and recent trends for enforcement actions in Missouri and Kansas. They will highlight the primary types of enforcement actions and the authority and grounds for license discipline in Missouri and Kansas. Producers will hear from experts about what happens during an investigation, circumstances that may lead to an enforcement action and best practices for cooperating with regulators during an investigation.
  • Get Social with Consumers. Producers can learn about department resources they can leverage to engage and educate their policyholders. The department works to reach consumers though multimedia storytelling on platforms that matter to them. Also, producers will learn about social media best practices and how to avoid compliance issues with the companies they work with and regulators.

The summit is a great opportunity to earn continuing education credits while connecting with colleagues and gaining high-level insight into the changing insurance regulatory landscape. Register today by visiting