December 05, 2012

DIFP offers help to veterans entering private sector

Costs of nearly 150 licensing exams eligible for reimbursement from VA

Jefferson City, Mo. - Missouri military veterans pursuing financial and other professional careers can be reimbursed for the cost of licensing examinations required by the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration.

DIFP and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs support veterans interested in professional careers. DIFP Director John M. Huff offers guidance to veterans on how to take advantage of the federal exam reimbursement program offered under the GI Bill.

The DIFP website offers a list of 145 professional licensing exams eligible for GI Bill reimbursement, including exams required for licensed insurance agents, funeral directors, certified public accountants, real estate brokers, mortgage loan originators, psychologists, doctors, nurses and many more.

"Missouri's professional services fields would be well served by the ambition and strong work ethic of Show-Me State military veterans," said Huff. "This reimbursement program leverages an excellent state-federal partnership to help our veterans pursue their career goals and dreams."

The GI Bill offers reimbursement up to $2,000 per examination. Veterans with questions about the program can visit the VA website or call 888-GIBILL-1.