June 02, 2016

Missouri Department of Insurance releases Mo2Go Wallet App

Never misplace another insurance card

Jefferson City, Mo - It can be challenging to keep track of the various insurance policies Missourians have today. To help residents keep track of their policies and organize their insurance information, the Missouri Department of Insurance created the Mo2Go Wallet, a free application that stores insurance documents and information on the consumer's smartphone.

"When disaster strikes it can be stressful and difficult to locate all of the appropriate documentation necessary to file a claim," said Missouri DIFP Director John M. Huff. "This easy-to-use tool can assist Missourians in organizing insurance information and having the proper information on hand when it comes time to filing a claim."

The department understands that when disaster strikes, policyholder's may not always know where their insurance documents are located. There is always the potential of losing the information or it being destroyed in a disaster. The free, Mo2Go Wallet has a user-friendly interface that walks consumers through the process of saving pertinent insurance information onto their phones. 

Missourians can snap photos of their insurance cards, save their insurance company's and agent's contact information and store all of their insurance information in one place. They also have the ability to share their insurance information through text message and email. For example, parents can use the app to text insurance cards to their children who may be away at school. They can also email pertinent insurance information like insurance cards to their medical provider right from their phone.

The department does not store the consumer's information nor do they have access to it; rather the information is stored directly onto the user's phone.  The app helps consumers organize their information by the four common types of insurance - auto, home, health and life insurance and is available for no cost to consumers. 

Trying to locate documents in the midst of a crisis can be very stressful. The department encourages Missourians to download the free Mo2Go Wallet. The Mo2Go Wallet can be found in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Simply search for "Mo2Go" in the search section of the app stores. Individuals can also find links to download either version of the app at insurance.mo.gov/Mo2Go.