Note:  These lists cover the most commonly assessed fees only.  There are other fees that are not listed.  Please use the Comments form to confirm any fees that are not listed here.

Producer Fees
License/Service Amount
Resident/Non-Resident Producer License $100
Business Entity Producer (Agency) License $100
Producer Renewal Fee $100
Business Entity Producer (Agency) Renewal Fee $100
Late Renewal Fee $25/month
(after one year,
applicant must reapply)
Duplicate License $10
Certification Letter $10
Clearance Letter $10
Continuing Education Provider
Course and Renewal Fee
$50 per course
Insurer Admission and Filing Fees
Effective 1/1/2019 per SB 982

License/Service Amount
Certified Copy of Certificate of Authority No charge
Service of Process No charge
P&C Rate, Rule or Form Filing $150
L&H Rate, Form Filing or Report $150
380 Mutual Form Filing, Articles, Bylaws $10
Discount Medical Plan Form Filing $25
Primary Application Fees $1,000
Expansion Application Fees $1,000

Annual Renewal Fees
(P&C, L&H, Health, HMO, PPD, Reinsurers)

TPA Admission $1,000
Single-Line Certified Reinsurer $750
Multi-Line Certified Reinsurer $900
Surplus Note $150
Dividends, Forms B, C, D, or F $250
Forms A or E, ORSA $500

Any Other Document:
Including, but not limited to: Articles, Bylaws,
Exam Filing Fees, MGA Filings, Permitted Practices