Note: These lists cover the most commonly assessed fees only.  Please contact us to confirm any fee that is not listed.

Producer Fees
License/Service Amount
Resident/Non-Resident Producer License $100
Business Entity Producer (Agency) License $100
Producer Renewal Fee $100
Business Entity Producer (Agency) Renewal Fee $100
Late Renewal Fee $25/month
(after one year,
applicant must reapply)
Continuing Education Provider
Course and Renewal Fee
$50 per course
Insurer Admission and Filing Fees
Effective 1/1/2019 per SB 982

License/Service Amount
Certified Copy of Certificate of Authority No charge
Service of Process No charge
P&C Rate, Rule or Form Filing $150
L&H Rate, Form Filing or Report $150
380 Mutual Form Filing, Articles, Bylaws $10
Discount Medical Plan Form Filing $25
Primary Application Fees $1,000
Expansion Application Fees $1,000

Annual Renewal Fees
(P&C, L&H, Health, HMO, PPD, All Reinsurers)

TPA Admission $1,000
Certified Reinsurer Initial Application $1,000
Surplus Note $150
Dividends, Forms B, C, D, or F $250
Forms A or E, ORSA $500

Any Other Document:
Including, but not limited to: Articles, Bylaws,
Exam Filing Fees, MGA Filings, Permitted Practices