Who must file a premium tax return?

Any admitted insurance company holding an active certificate of authority.

What is the Premium Tax base?

Direct premiums received, minus return premiums and dividends. Premiums received for annuities are not taxed nor are premiums from policies issued in connection with qualified retirement plans.

What is the Missouri Premium Tax rate?

2% domestic and foreign insurers. Risk retention groups taxed same as admitted insurers. The Workers’ Compensation rate varies from year to year.

Where can I find the Missouri Premium Tax Forms on your web site?


When is my Premium Tax Return due?

March 1st of each year

Where do I mail my return?

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance
P. O. Box 690
301 West High Street, Room 530
Jefferson City, MO. 65102-0690

Is e-filing available for Missouri premium taxes?


Can I file an extension of time for filing my return or payment of tax?

No authority exists for granting any extension.

When are my quarterly payments due?

Quarterly installments are due March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1

What are my quarterly installments based on?

The quarterly installments for Premium and Retaliatory Tax are based on the prior year's tax liability multiplied by 25%. Effective January 1, 2006, the quarterly installments for Workers' Compensation Administrative Tax will be based on the prior year's direct written workers' comp premiums times the current year's workers' comp tax rate multiplied by 25%.

When do I make my reconciling payment for the annual balances due?

The final balances are included in the second quarter assessment notice due June 1 payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Where do I mail my Premium Tax payments?

Missouri Department of Revenue
P. O. Box 898
301 West High Street, Room 102
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0898

Does the Department of Revenue accept electronic fund transfers?

No, not at the present time.

Is Post Mark date acceptable?

Yes, the post mark date is acceptable on all premium tax forms and payments submitted to the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance and the Missouri Department of Revenue.

How do I figure my prepayments?

You would need to calculate the following:
(Minus) Prior Year Tax Liability (see prior Year June assessment notice line 1)
(Plus) Prior Year Prepayments (see prior year June assessment notice line 2)
(Minus) Prior Year Refunds
(Plus) Total payments made in current tax year

If I have an overpayment in one type tax can I apply it against another type tax due?

No, Missouri does not allow commingling of funds.

How many years back can I request a refund for overpayment?

No refund shall be made by the director of revenue unless a claim for refund has been filed with him within two years from the date of payment per RSMo 136.035.

How do I file a claim form?

Send a letter to

Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 898, 301 West High St., Room 330,
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0898

requesting a refund that contains the tax year, type and refund amount.

How do I amend my premium tax return?

Send a copy of the page or pages with the changes you are requesting to

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance
P.O. Box 690, 301 West High Street, Rm. 530,
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0690.

What must be submitted with the Missouri Premium Tax return?

Missouri Page, Supplement to the Missouri Page, Schedule T, your state of domicile’s premium tax return completed using Missouri premium, copy of receipts for any credits taken on the tax return including MHIP, Guaranty Association and Registration fee. If receipts are not attached the credit will be denied. See tax return for a checklist for additional required items.

Where do I pay my $45 Registration Fee?

This fee is payment to the Missouri Secretary of State. We need a copy of the check/e-filing or billing that reflects the payment during calendar year of tax return. You may contact the Missouri Secretary of State's Office at (866) 223-6535

What is the Supplement to the Missouri page?

The Supplement to the Missouri page is a means of data collection that breaks into further detail the information submitted on your MO State Page. The form is sent to your company on November 15th of each year, it is to be completed and returned to the statistical section of the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance by March 1st. We want a copy of the completed form. The form can be found on our website under insurance.mo.gov/industry/forms/#stats

Why do we need to submit an Insurance Producers report?

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance no longer processes agent appointments and terminations. As of January 1, 2003, companies are required to maintain a register of appointed and terminated producers. Regulation 20 CSR 200-3.300 states that on or before February 10th of each year, each foreign insurer authorized to transact the business of insurance in Missouri shall file the agent appointment and termination information with the Missouri Department of Insurance.

When is the Insurance Producers Report due?

February 10th.

When do we collect the surcharge from the policyholder for the Administrative Surcharge?

The insurance company writing the workers’ compensation policy with the deductible option shall collect the surcharge from the policyholder at the time of premium collection and shall remit the surcharge amount to the Department of Revenue.

How do I determine my quarterly payments for the Administrative Surcharge?

The insurer shall estimate the annual surcharge due for the current year based upon the total premiums which would have been paid for the deductible credit portion of the policy at the same rate as the workers' compensation administrative tax and remit 25% of the annual amount to the Department of Revenue on March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 of the current year.

When do I pay my Administrative Surcharge balance?

You will receive a Notice of Administrative Surcharge Balance Due/Overpayment. If there is a balance due it will need to be remitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue along with a copy of the notice. If you have an overpayment, you may deduct it from the June estimated Quarterly Administrative Surcharge due and any other payments required until the credit is exhausted