Requirements for maintaining your resident insurance producer license in Missouri:

  • You must satisfy continuing education requirements.
  • You must notify MO Department of Commerce and Insurance of an address change, within 30 days of such change. In lieu of written notification to MO Department of Commerce and Insurance, an electronic address change may be used.
  • You may verify and print your license here.
  • Sections 375.141.6 and 375.141.7, RSMo Cum. Supp. 2005, require that insurance producers licensed in this state report to the director within thirty (30) days any administrative action taken against the producer in another jurisdiction or by another governmental agency in this state, or any criminal prosecution for a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude taken in any jurisdiction. The report shall include a copy of the indictment or information filed, the order resulting from the hearing and any other relevant legal documents.