Instructions For Completing Dram Shop Liability Premium

Definition of Terms:

Dram shop liability: 20 CSR 600-1.020 defines dram shop liability coverage as insurance "...covering risk associated with commercial vendors licensed to sell intoxicating liquor by the drink for consumption on the premises..." Insurance for establishments and activities that do not meet this criterion, such as package liquor or grocery stores, should not be reported. Only premiums and losses directly associated with the risk of liability arising from alcohol consumption should be reported. Do not include risk for other coverages, even if contained within a single policy.

Instructions for Completing Report:

ISO Class Codes:

Report each data element for the appropriate ISO class code. Some examples of ISO class codes are:

If your company does not make use of ISO class codes, report on the basis of the risk classes in use by your company. In all cases, provide description of type of entity and/or activities covered by each classification.