Insurance Company FAQ

Certificate of Authority
State-Specific Financial Filing Requirements
Capital and Surplus Requirements
HMO Network Access Plans

How do I apply for a certificate of authority for my insurance company?
Missouri is a "uniform state" and uses the UCAA application. You will also need to submit these additional Missouri-specific items:
  • Appointment of Director to accept service of process.
  • All policy forms which your company proposes to use in the state of Missouri.
    Life, accident and health policy forms must be completed in "John Doe" manner.
  • A letter from the insurance commissioner of your company's domicile state stating that:
    • according to his/her records, your company is prompt and equitable in its loss payments to policyholders and
    • payments are in accordance with policy provisions.
  • A narrative description of the history of your company.
  • Explanation of any unique assets, liabilities or operating aspects of your company.
  • Please provide details if your company is presently engaged in:
    • a controversy with any state or federal regulatory agency OR
    • any formal or informal hearings.

How do I file for a redomestication?
The following documents must be submitted before an amended certificate of authority reflecting the above can be issued:

How do I file a name change for my insurance company?
Before an amended certificate of authority reflecting the above name change can be issued, the following documents must be submitted:
Documents should be submitted to my attention at the address below.

How do I file my insurance company merger?
The following documents must be submitted before our records can be updated to reflect the above referenced merger:
  • Copy of certificate of merger, certified by domestic state of surviving company
  • Copy of merger agreement, certified by domestic state of surviving company
  • Return of certificate of authority for non-surviving company for cancellation
  • If both companies are authorized in Missouri before the merger, Form E ( Pre-Acquisition Notification Form)
  • $150 filing fee

How do I add lines to my certificate of authority?
The following documents are required to be submitted to amend the above company's certificate of authority by adding additional lines of authority:
  • Application for certificate of authority. In section A, indicate that this an amended application.
  • Policy forms for the new line of authority
  • Certificate of authority from domiciliary state showing company is already licensed for requested line of authority
  • Pursuant to RSMo 375.821.1(3) the company must be transacting the lines of business for which it is applying. This will be verified by reviewing the annual and quarterly statements.
  • Certificate of deposit showing at least $1.2 million for single line P&C company adding lines
  • $60 fee for amending certificate of authority

What annual filings do I have to file? When do I have to file them?
Check out our annual filings schedules for details on any line of insurance.
How do I file my insurance company address change?
You can notify us of your insurer address change by letter or email.

Missouri domestic life and P&C insurance companies may also need to modify their articles of incorporation pursuant to 376.060 for stock life insurers, 376.100 for mutual life insurers, 379.035 for stock P&C insurers, and 379.060 for mutual P&C insurers. 

Where do I send these filings?
Send your financial filings to:
Admissions Specialist
Division of Company Regulation
Missouri DIFP
PO Box 690
Jefferson City, MO  65101

Capital and Surplus Requirements

Does the certificate of deposit need to be placed in Missouri or the state of domicile?
All companies incorporated in Missouri are required to place the security deposits in Missouri. Companies incorporated in states other than Missouri may either place the deposit in Missouri or in their state of domicile.

What is the time frame for approval?
If the application is complete and the department does not have any questions or concerns regarding the filing, a decision will be made within 90 days of the filing.

Do we require third party biographical certifications?
Yes, all biographicals have to be certified by a third party who are in the business of certifying such documents.

Are fingerprint cards required?
No, fingerprint cards are not required to be filed with the application.
You can email the admissions specialist with your questions about these filings.