Catastrophe can strike at any time, but before it does, you can be prepared with a home inventory checklist.

The Missouri Department of Insurance urges homeowners and renters to make an accurate account of their possessions by filling out a home inventory checklist. Having a list of your possessions makes it that much easier to file an insurance claim in the event of damage or theft.

Home Inventory Checklist

The DCI's Home Inventory Checklist provides homeowners and renters a tool that allows them to record their possessions in each room of their house. Each page has examples of items that may be found in each room. The checklist allows the homeowner or renter to include the item’s manufacturer, model or serial number, date of purchase and price. Homeowners and renters are also encouraged to include any sales receipts of items listed, and you also may want to include a picture of the item.

Once completed, the Home Inventory Checklist should be kept in a safe, fire-proof place. You also could scan the checklist into a PDF and then email it to yourself. Remember to update the checklist when you make new purchases.

We offer three free options for completing a home inventory checklist:

Download the Home Inventory Checklist   or  order a hard-copy booklet for free.