Several new bills were signed into law recently by Governor Mike Parson, which make changes to producer license renewals and provide new methods for continuing education for insurance professionals.

Insurance Producer License Expiration Dates

Senate Bill 6 includes a provision changing the expiration date of insurance producer licenses to the birth date of the licensee.

Based upon the new license expiration dates, license renewal dates are moving to every two years on the producer's birthday, rather than every two years on the anniversary of the license. During this transition of updating expiration dates, no insurance producer license was shorted and insurance producers can view updated expiration dates and reprint their licenses on 8/28/2021 on the SBS website.

Insurance Producer Continuing Education Alternatives

Another provision signed into law relates to continuing education alternatives. Missouri law requires a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education to be completed every two years for insurance producers. A provision under the new law, found in Senate Bill 6, House Bill 273 and House Bill 604, allows insurance producer’s membership in a local, regional, state, or national insurance association to be approved for up to four hours of continuing education hours. Continue to check this web page for additional information about the process.


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