The Missouri Health Care Stabilization Fund Feasibility Board (HCSFFB) is a 10-member board established by the General Assembly in 2006. As specified in Section 383.250 RSMo, the primary duty of the board is to determine whether a health care stabilization fund should be established in Missouri to provide excess medical malpractice insurance coverage for health care providers. The statute directs the board to develop a comprehensive study detailing whether such a fund is feasible within the state (or specified geographic regions of the state) or whether a fund would be feasible for specified medical specialties. If the board determines a fund is reasonable, its report is to recommend how the fund should be structured, designed and funded.

The board met quarterly and released a report at the end of each calendar year. Below meeting minutes and year-end reports. The board issued its final report at the end of 2010.


March 11 meeting minutes

Final report


Jan. 9 meeting minutes

April 27 meeting minutes

June 5 meeting minutes

Nov. 13 meeting minutes

Report on 2009 activities


March 7 meeting minutes

June 13 meeting minutes

Sept. 12 meeting minutes

Dec. 12 meeting minutes

Report on 2008 activities


March 16 meeting minutes

June 15 meeting minutes

Sept. 28 meeting minutes

Dec. 14 meeting minutes

Report on 2007 activities

Initial meetings were held by a joint committee of the General Assembly in 2005. Click here for more on the activities of the joint committee.