On Nov. 15, 2010, the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri, declared National States Insurance Co. insolvent and ordered the company into liquidation, appointing the director of the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP) as liquidator.

What will happen now and what about my policy?
The liquidator will collect the assets of National States and distribute them according to Missouri law. Most of National States' policies were guaranteed renewable life policies that will be transferred to the appropriate state guaranty fund which will pay the claim up to the fund's statutory limit.

Most state guaranty associations have a $100,000 or $300,000 policy limit. Missouri has a limit of $300,000 for life policies and $100,000 for most other policies, such as long-term care. Click the link provided to find your state's guaranty association's website or visit the Missouri Insurance Guaranty Association.
Will policies be canceled in liquidation?
No, not if the policy is a guaranteed renewable policy, it will not be canceled. Remember, however, that if the policyholder does not pay the premium as it becomes due, the policy will be canceled. A policyholder MUST pay any premium due to continue the policy. However, if a policy is a cancelable form, it may be canceled by the guaranty association post liquidation.
What lines of coverage did National States offer?
National States offered primarily long-term care and Medicare Supplement policies. In addition, the company wrote life insurance and accident and health insurance policies. According to its 2009 annual report, National States sold policies or had licenses to sell them in 37 states.
Whom do I call with questions?
Questions from policyholders concerning claims should be referred to the appropriate National States' claims office or representative as was done in the usual course of business. The toll-free number for National States Insurance Co. is 800-868-6788, option 5 for claims.

National States Insurance Co. contact information
Phone: 314-878-0101 or 800-868-6788
Fax: 314-878-8118
Web: www.nstates.com or www.nstates.com/faq.asp for frequently asked questions
Postal address: 2388 Schuetz Road, Suite A10
St. Louis, Mo. 63146

Inquiries from policyholders regarding non-claims matters, such as premium payments and policy endorsements should be referred to the appropriate National States department as outlined in your policy. Questions from all other parties regarding the liquidation should be referred to the appropriate company representatives.

If management or employees of National States receive any inquiries from the media regarding liquidation, refer the inquirer to the DIFP's Communications Office at 573-751-2562. Any calls concerning regulatory matters, such as license status or regulatory filings should be referred to DIFP's Division of Insurance Company Regulation at 573-751-4362. All other questions concerning liquidation should be referred to the DIFP's Receivership Section at 573-522-6115.