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Never misplace another insurance card

If you have trouble keeping your insurance information organized, you’re not alone. To help keep track of your coverage information and insurance cards, the Missouri Department of Insurance created the Mo2Go Wallet, an application that stores insurance documents and information on a smartphone.

After a disaster strikes, you may not immediately think about where your insurance documents are located. Sometimes the information can be lost or destroyed in a disaster. The Mo2Go Wallet has a user-friendly interface that will help you save pertinent insurance information onto your phone.

Now you can snap photos of your insurance cards, save your insurance company’s and agent's contact information and store all of your insurance information in one place. The Mo2Go Wallet also will let you share your insurance information through text message and email. For example, parents can use the app to text insurance cards to their children who may be away at school. You can also email pertinent insurance information like insurance cards to your medical provider right from your phone.

The department does not store or have access to any of your insurance information in the Mo2Go Wallet; the information is saved and stored directly onto your phone. The app will help you organize your insurance information by four common types of insurance - auto, home, health and life insurance.

The auto section lets you snap photos of your vehicle, license plate and auto insurance card. Missouri law allows you to present proof of auto insurance electronically using your phone. That way if you get pulled over, you can show the law enforcement officer your auto insurance information straight from your phone.

The app has a reminder feature to give a calendar alert when the insurance coverage is getting ready to expire, prompting you to update your electronic information. The notes section allows you to jot down other important information about your car like mileage, when an oil change is due or purchase information. Additionally, you can fill in your company information, like your agent’s phone number or where to call to report a claim.

The auto section also has additional resources, including a link to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Wreck Check App. This app walks you through the process of what to do in case of an auto accident.

The health section allows you to store your medical, dental, vision and prescription insurance cards. It also has a place to add contact information for any of your medical providers. You can also share your insurance coverage information via email or text messaging for convenience.

In the home section, you can snap a photo of your declaration page, which is a summary of your homeowners’ coverage. Additionally, the app allows you to take photos and record information about your home, like the year it was built or the age of the roof. This way if disaster ever strikes, you will be prepared by having the necessary information ready to send to your agent to make the recovery process smoother. You also have the ability to store your company and agent contact information, and contact them through the app.

When an unforeseen event damages your home or property, the insurance company will ask you for a recording of your possessions. You can find a link to download the NAIC MyHome, an app that allows consumers to create a home inventory, in the home section of the Mo2Go Wallet. You can also find links and resources on how to prepare for and recover from a disaster in the home section.

Planning ahead and knowing what to expect are the best ways to avoid future financial difficulties. The Mo2Go Wallet allows you to plan ahead by storing life insurance and beneficiary information. Missourians can also find resources on retirement planning and information for seniors and their caregivers. The life section also has the life policy locator, a tool that can help you locate life insurance policies and annuity benefits of deceased loved ones.