NOTE:  The following statute is not published in the current edition of the Missouri Revised Statutes, but it remains in effect. The statute was repealed by Senate Bill 894 (2000), but reinstated after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled SB 894 unconstitutional in the case of Home Builders of Greater St. Louis v. State of Missouri, 75 S.W.3d 267 (Mo. Banc 2002). .

Use of premium, when allowed--excess charges, allowed, when--public display of premium schedules


  1. No title insurer, title agent, or agency shall use any premium in the business of title insurance prior to its effective date nor prior to the filing with respect to such premium having been publicly displayed and made readily available to the public for a period of not less than thirty days in each office of the title insurer, title agent, or agency in the county to which such rates apply, and no premium increase shall apply to title policies which have been contracted for prior to such effective date.
  2. Premium charges in excess of those set forth in a premium filing which has become effective may be made when such filing includes a statement that such premiums may be made in the event unusual insurance risks are assumed or unusual services performed in the transaction of the business of title insurance, provided that such premiums are reasonably commensurate with the risks assumed for the costs of the services performed.
  3. Copies of the schedules of premiums which are required to be filed with the director under the provisions of sections 381.011 to 381.241, showing their effective date or dates, shall be kept at all times available to the public and prominently displayed in a public place in each office of a title insurer, title agent, or agency in the county to which such rates apply while such rates are effective.

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