NOTE: The following statute is not published in the current edition of the Missouri Revised Statutes, but it remains in effect. The statute was repealed by Senate Bill 894 (2000), but reinstated after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled SB 894 unconstitutional in the case of Home Builders of Greater St. Louis v. State of Missouri, 75 S.W.3d 267 (Mo. Banc 2002)..

Premiums, not excessive, inadequate or discriminatory--may be classified--director may promulgate rules and regulations.


  1. Every title insurer shall file with the director its premium schedules it proposes to use in any county of this state. Every filing shall set forth its effective date, which shall not be earlier than the thirtieth day following its receipt by the director, and shall indicate the character and extent of the coverages and services contemplated. Filings that the director has not disapproved within thirty days of filing shall be deemed effective.
  2. No title insurer or title agent or agency may use or collect any premium after September 28, 1987, except in accordance with the premium schedules filed with the director as required by subsections 1 and 2 of this section. The director may provide by regulation for interim use of premium schedules in effect prior to September 28, 1987.
  3. Every title insurer shall establish basic classifications of coverages to be used as the basis for determining premiums.

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