• Fraud adds $5.2–$6.3 billion to the auto premiums that policyholders pay each year. Insurance Research Council (1996)
  • Fraud amounts to 10 percent of U.S. healthcare expenditures. National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (2001)
  • Nationally, insurance fraud is an $80–billion crime spree each year, which means families are paying an average of about $1,000 a year for this crime. Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (2004)
  • The biggest sources of swindles and cash drain — by far — are small-dollar "soft" scams by ordinary people you see every day in church or at the grocery store, companies say. Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (2002)

Do you have what it takes to be a fraud investigator? Can you tell the difference between a lie and an honest mistake? Test your investigating skills with the Insurance Fraud Quiz.

After you submit your answers, the quiz will display the correct answer to the questions. If you are a teen and looking for more information about insurance fraud or general insurance information ask an Insurance Consumer Service Representative.

What is Fraud?

According to Missouri Statute §375.991 RSMo., a person commits a "fraudulent insurance act" if he or she knowingly makes a statement or written document for a claim or insurance application which that person knows to contain material false information or conceals information concerning a material fact.

What is a policy dispute?

A policy dispute can be many things. You may have a policy dispute if it is questionable that you had coverage at the time of an accident. A policy dispute could be a disagreement about how an insurance company handles your claim (Mo. Reg. 20 CSR 100). Or, a policy dispute could be if your claim is denied because of a misrepresentation that is not material to the loss covered on the policy (§376.580 RSMo).

This quiz is developed for example purposes only. The questions and answers in this quiz are not to be construed as an opinion or position taken by the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. If you believe that you have a claim that should be paid, you may wish to ask the Consumer Affairs Section of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance for assistance by calling 1-800-726-7390 or check us out on line.

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