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Below are resources that DCI has assembled to assist health care providers who are treating patients with autism spectrum disorders after the passage of House Bills 1311 and 1341.

Autism FAQ: Answers to questions about the new law

Filing a complaint: See Health care provider complaint process

Identification of fully insured health plans

Effective March 1, 2010, all fully insured health plans must clearly print on the front of health insurance identification cards, “Fully Insured”. Fully insured (as opposed to self-insured) plans are subject to Missouri insurance laws and DCI jurisdiction. This disclosure will assist consumers and health care providers in easily identifying whether the plan is subject to the autism mandate and Missouri law in general. This requirement is pursuant to regulation 20 CSR 100-1.070 “Identification Cards Issued by Health Carriers.”

Autism and ABA services: Survey of health insurance companies

DCI conducted a survey of the major fully insured health plans in Missouri to ask them several key questions regarding billing and other insurance related matters that providers will need regarding ABA treatment.  Below is a list of survey responses.

Aetna Health Insurance Company

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri and Healthy Alliance Life Insurance Company

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Good Health HMO Inc., dba Blue Care

Coventry Health Care of Kansas Inc.

Cox Health Systems Insurance Company and Cox Health Systems HMO Inc.

Group Health Plan Inc. (GHP)

Humana Health Plan Inc. and Humana Insurance Company

Mercy Health Plans and Mercy Health Plans of Missouri Inc.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and UnitedHealthcare of the Midwest Inc.