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Have you ever had time to sit down and thoroughly read an auto insurance policy before buying one? As an informational resource, our department now gives you a chance to review and compare coverage options for the top five auto carriers in Missouri. Consumers are encouraged to use this information as one of the many tools when shopping for auto insurance.

The companies listed below are in the order of their market share in Missouri, using the latest data from the department's Market Share Report.

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Below, select the name of one of the top 5 insurance company in Missouri for 2020, and see a brief summary of their automobile coverage.

Note: Only top 5 insurance company in Missouri for 2020 are displayed.


  • The policy forms and endorsements displayed on this page are the most current available to the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI).
  • Insurance companies frequently make changes to their policies. If you have questions about your current coverage, you should call your agent or insurance company. Your policy may be different than those shown here.
  • Policy endorsements can expand, restrict or change the terms of an insurance policy. They should be reviewed together with the policy form.
  • Not all policy forms shown on this page will be available to you. This page contains standard policy forms as well as policy endorsements that may be required by the insurance company. The company may have other policy endorsements that are not shown here.
  • The policy forms shown on this page are for reference only and provide no guarantees of coverage. The content of your insurance policy, which includes any and all endorsements to your policy, determines coverage.
  • There is no such thing as "full coverage" when it comes to insurance. Every insurance policy contains "exclusions" which are things that won't be covered by the policy. Make sure you read the exclusions carefully to understand what won't be covered. Ask your agent if you have questions.
  • Many insurance companies offer optional coverages that can be purchased. It may cost you more up front, but buying additional coverage will also provide you with greater protection. Not all optional coverages are shown here, so ask your agent what optional coverage(s) are available.
  • DCI does not endorse, recommend, advertise or comment on the quality of any particular company's product. You should shop around to find companies and policies that best suit your insurance needs.
  • Always read your insurance policy carefully. If you have any questions, ask your agent or company representative for additional information.
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