Emergency Regulation

Registration of Adjusters for Services in Areas Designated as Disaster Zones

PURPOSE: The purposes of this emergency rule are to assist the Governor in the performance of his duties under chapter 44, RSMo, and to prevent unscrupulous persons from taking advantage of the insurance buying public with regard to the current emergency arising from the recent disaster and/or catastrophic events.

EMERGENCY STATEMENT: The Governor has declared that a disaster and/ or catastrophic event of major proportions has actually occurred within this state which poses an immediate danger to the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of this state. This rule is necessary as an emergency rule in that adjustment or settlement of insurance claims due to said disaster and/or catastrophic event will begin shortly, if it has not begun already, and therefore, notice and hearing requirements of chapter 536, RSMo. can not be met. Pursuant to 536.025.7 this rule shall not remain in effect for a period exceeding one hundred eighty calendars days or thirty legislative days, whichever is longer.