99-04: Summary of 1999 MO Legis. Impacting Health Plan Benefits

* This bulletin was repealed by 08-05

To:           Health Insurers, Health Services Corporations And Health Maintenance Organizations

From:      Keith A. Wenzel, Director, Missouri Department of Insurance

Re:          Summary Of 1999 Missouri Legislation Impacting Health Plan Benefits

Date:       October 7, 1999

House Bill 191 Enacts Several Requirements for Health Carriers and Their Contracts

House Bill 401 requires all health carriers to provide coverage for newborn hearing screening, necessary rescreening, audiological assessment and followups, and initial amplification. This mandated coverage applies to contracts issued, continued or renewed after January 1, 2002.

House Bills 316, 660 & 203 require health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations to cover services delivered to residents of long-term care facilities licensed pursuant to chapter 198, RSMo. This coverage is to be available under certain conditions whether or not the facility has a contract with the managed care organization.

House Bill 903 adds health maintenance organizations to the entities subject to sections 376.431 to 376.442, RSMo. These sections establish minimum standards for health carriers to provide notices of discontinuance, to extend benefits for disabled persons in the event of plan amendment or termination, and to define the liabilities of the prior and succeeding carrier when one plan replaces another.