95-02: All Form, Rate, and Rule Filings/Filing Fees/Monthly Billing

From:      Jay Angoff, Director

Re:          All Form, Rate, and Rule Filings -- Filing Fees -- Monthly Billing

Date:       October 6, 1995

Effective January 1, 1996, the filing fees for policy form, rate, and rule filings will not be accepted with the filing submission. After this date, the filing fee amounts will be billed on a monthly basis. Each insurance company making filings during the month will receive one invoice at the end of the month which will detail the filings submitted for the month, and the corresponding filing fee amount for each submission.

These monthly invoices will be generated only for those insurance companies that submit one or more filings during the month. This invoice will be forwarded to ONE ADDRESS ONLY, therefore, it is important that you refer to the attached exhibits (EXHIBIT A & EXHIBIT B) which describe these new procedures in detail and provide an example of the Property & Casualty Section's new Transmittal Document (TD-2).

This new filing fee billing system will become operational on November 1, 1995, on an optional basis. This should help to smooth the transition. We would recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to learn this new system before it becomes mandatory on January 1, 1996.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Property & Casualty Section at 314-751-3365.


PLEASE NOTE: The Property & Casualty Section's Transmittal Document (TD-2) has been modified significantly to facilitate this new fee billing system. The use of this new TD-2 filing form is mandatory for all filing submissions made on or after January 1, 1996 and for those submission made on an optional basis after November 1, 1995.


The Missouri Department of Insurance (MDI) has decided to modify the current system for collecting the fees associated with filing policy form, rate, and rule changes -- where appropriate -- in an effort to make this process more efficient for both the MDI and the regulated industry. The collection of filing fees is authorized by Administrative Rule 20 CSR 500-8.100.

The Department is initiating this change for the following reasons:

The following are the key provisions of this new system:

Each filing must be given a unique fourteen-digit filing ID number to identify individual filings listed on the invoice. This number will allow for recognition by both the insurer and the Department; therefore, it is imperative that the insurer assign each submission with a unique fourteen-digit ID number beginning with the company's 8-digit NAIC number, followed by a 2-digit year identifier, and ending with a 4-digit sequential filing number as per the following example:

[8-digit NAIC #] / [Year] / [Sequence #] = Filing ID #

12345678 95 0001 = 12345678 / 95 / 0001

The 8-digit NAIC # is supply the NAIC number of the filing company; Year, is the year in which the filing is submitted; and the Sequence # is the number assigned to the filing to identify its order or sequence for filings submitted throughout the year. For example, if it is the 5th filing submitted by that company during the year, the last four digits should be (0005).

In an effort to make the successful transition to this system, we are allowing a period of time in which compliance will not be mandatory. Beginning on November 1, 1995, insurers may use this new system, on an optional basis. Effective January 1, 1996, compliance win this system will be mandatory.

If you have any questions, please contact the Property and Casualty Section at (314) 751-3365.