06-01: Motor Vehicle Title Procedure

To:             Missouri Property & Casualty Insurers

From:        W. Dale Finke, Director, Missouri Department of Insurance

Re:            Motor Vehicle Title Procedure

Date:         March 13, 2006

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) has notified the Missouri Department of Insurance of new procedures regarding vehicle titles.  Effective March 13, 2006, DOR will issue a new title for motor vehicles, trailers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and manufactured homes.

The Department of Revenue will issue two basic title documents:

  1. A green certificate of title for motor vehicles, trailers, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and manufactured homes that contains a Notice of Sale (NOS) attachment; and
  2. A blue certificate of title for boats and outboard motors that contains a blank tear-off that may be discarded.

Each title is 7" wide and 8" inches high and the NOS/blank tear-off is 7" wide and 3" high.  The portrait of Harry S Truman is no longer on the title; however, the oval shaped heat-sensitive security ring remains.


Green Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title

(Go to http://www.dorx.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/liendeal/titledocs/greenmotor.pdf to see a sample motor vehicle title.)

 Types issued:

>Green Salvage Certificate of Title

(Go to http://www.dorx.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/liendeal/titledocs/greensalvage.pdf to see a sample salvage title.) (Previously, the salvage title was orange.)

Types issued:

Only two assignments may be made on a salvage title.  The Notice of Sale should not be completed on salvage titles.  Title penalties do not apply.

Green Junking Certificate

(Go to http://www.dorx.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/liendeal/titledocs/greenjunk.pdf to see a sample junking certificate.) (Previously, the junking certificate was brown.)

Types issued:

Only the following information must be recorded on a junking certificate assignment:

The Notice of Sale should not be completed on junking certificates.  Junking Certificates cannot have liens and are not subject to taxes and title penalties.

Blue Marine Certificate of Title

(Go to http://www.dorx.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/liendeal/titledocs/bluemarine.pdf to see a sample marine title.)

Types issued:

The marine title contains a blank tear-off in lieu of an NOS.