Medical Malpractice Instructions

Definition of a health care provider and medical malpractice insurance per Section 383.100:

Definition of who is to file medical malpractice claim data per Section 383.105:

Definition of what is a claim, companion claim and date of this payment or closure per Section 383.105:

Open claims: No lawsuit filed, Items 1 through 16 must be completed, if a lawsuit has been filed, Items 1 through 20f must be completed (excluding 17, 18, 19 and 20).

Closed reports:The total form must be completed. All claims closed without payment and claims with payment must be reported. Report all dollar mount in whole dollars, all dates as MM/YYYY.

The following addresses additional clarification when reporting Missouri medical malpractice claim data per Section 383.105.

Please make sure the forms are typed or printed clearly, forms that are not legible will be returned.