Filing Requirements
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Filing fee 374.230 RSMo $50/company/line of insurance/filing. We bill monthly in arrears  
Filing Procedures 20CSR500-8.100 Describes the procedures for rates/rules/forms filings  
Transmittal Document   For paper filings, submit a completed TD-1 form  

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Application 375.936 RSMo & 20CSR500-6.100(6) Prohibits insurers asking applicants if they have ever been cancelled or nonrenewed by prior insurer  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Mailing Requirement 379.885 RSMo Proof of mailing to the named insured at his last known address  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Notice of 379.883 RSMo 60 days prior to the effective date except for nonpayment of premium, fraud, changes in conditions after the effective date, insolvency of the insurer or if the insurer involuntarily loses reinsurance for the policy  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Policyholder right to claims history 379.884 RSMo Within 30 days of a written request, the insured shall receive a statement of claims history for the 3 years prior to the date of cancellation or total claims history if policy has been in effect less than 3 years  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Reasons for 379.883(3) RSMo Insurer's actual reason to be sufficiently clear and specific. An assignment or transfer among affiliated insurers within a group is not considered a cancellation/nonrenewal  
Form filed 287.310 RSMo20 CSR 500-6.100 Forms are required to be filed on a prior approval basis  
Limited Liability Corporations Bulletin 96-02 Defines how the LLC members are to be rated; use NCCI form WC 00 03 08 to exclude coverage for LLC members.  
Mandatory endorsement(name, address, phone) 375.924 RSMo The issuing company's name, complete address and phone number is required to be on the policy.  

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Deductible Plans Bulletin 93-03, Bulletin 93-07, and Bulletin 02-01 Defines large and small deductibles and how they will apply  
Fees 375.052 RSMo & 379.356 RSMo Incidental fees to premium installments, late payments, policy reinstatements or other similar services specifically provided for by law or regulation are allowed  
Loss Cost Data Bulletin 93-11 Insurance companies may adopt one of the four sets of loss costs published by the NCCI  
Rate & supplementary information 20 CSR 500-6.950 Insurers must submit final rates for each classification, supplementary rate information, Independent Rate Filing Form (Exhibit A), Rate Development Summary Form (Exhibit B)  
Rate diskette submission 20CSR500-6.950(4)(d) and Bulletin 93-13B Requires that a rating disk must be submitted with each rate filing  
Rate Filings 287.947 RSMo Requires all rate filings to be filed no later than 30 days after the effective date of the filing  
Rate Standard 287.950 RSMo Rates shall not be excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory  
Safety credits & MCO credits Bulletin 93-12 The MCO Credits have been repealed by SB 251.  
Schedule rating Bulletin 97-03
Bulletin 02-02
Eligibility and filing requirements—maximum credit is 25%  
Second Injury Fund Surcharge Bulletin 98-03
Bulletin 02-01
Explains how the surcharge is to be calculated  
Uniform classification & experience rating 287.955 RSMo Insurers will adhere to the uniform classification system designated by the director (currently NCCI)  
WC Administration Tax & Second Injury Fund Surcharge Bulletin 2007 Division of WC annually sets the tax and assessment amounts  

Misc. Related Issues
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Safety programs 287.123 RSMo Insurers are required to file their safety engineering and management programs with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations for certification; these programs are to be made available to each employer upon request  
Second Injury Fund Surcharge 287.715 RSMo Explains the requirements for payment of second injury fund surcharges  
Tax payments 287.710 RSMo Explains the requirements/format for payment of the workers' compensation tax  
Terrorism Exclusions—disallowed Bulletin 02-03 Terrorism exclusions are not allowed in workers' compensation policies  
Workers' Compensation Determinations Review Board 287.335 RSMo Reviews code classifications and other miscellaneous wc issues