Filing Requirements
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Applications 303.190(4) RSMo Applications for insurance are extensions of the contract and must be filed  
Filing Fees 374.230(6) RSMo $50/company/line of insurance/filing; one filing can contain rates, rules and forms for one company. We bill monthly in arrears  
Filing Procedures 20CSR500-8.100 Describes the procedures for rates/rules/forms filings  
Transmittal Document   For paper filings, submit a completed TD-1 form  
Withdraw from an entire line of insurance 379.886 RSMo Requires insurers to notify Director 90 days in advance of canceling or nonrenewing a line of business  

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Application 375.936 RSMo & Bulletin 94-04 Prohibits insurers from asking applicants if they have ever been cancelled or nonrenewed by prior insurer  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Mailing Requirement 379.885 RSMo Proof of mailing to the named insured at his last known address  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Policyholder right to claims history 379.884 RSMo Within 30 days of a written request, the insured shall receive a statement of claims history for the 3 years prior to the date of cancellation or total claims history if policy has been in effect less than 3 years  
Cancellation—Notice of 379.883 RSMo 60 days prior to the effective date except for nonpayment of premium, fraud, changes in conditions after the effective date, insolvency of the insurer or if the insurer involuntarily loses reinsurance for the policy  
Cancellation/Nonrenewal—Reasons for 379.883(3) RSMo Insurer's actual reason to be sufficiently clear and specific. An assignment or transfer among affiliated insurers within a group is not considered a cancellation/nonrenewal  
Driver Exclusions 303.190.2(3) RSMo Policies issued to corporations and partnerships cannot exclude drivers; commercial policies that list a "natural person" as a named insured may exclude a household member  
Form filings—effective date 20 CSR 500-4.100 Filings must be received by our Department within 10 days of the effective date  
Insurance Identification cards 303.024 RSMo. Insurers are required to furnish ID cards to their insureds; statute explains what information must be contained on the ID cards; ID cards should be filed with our Department  
Insureds Driving in Canada Bulletin 97-06 Canada requires a PAU filing for all carriers who provide liability coverage to drivers entering into Canada  
Automobile Insurance Plan 20 CSR 500-2.300(6) & 379.120 RSMo. When an insurer cancels/non-renews an auto policy they must give notice to the consumer of possible coverage through the Automobile Insurance Plan  
Mandatory Endorsement (name, address, phone) 375.924(1) RSMo Required policies to contain the name, address and telephone number of the insurer  
Minimum liability limit requirements 303.190.2(2) RSMo BI $25,000/person, $50,000/accidentPD $10,000/accident  
Missouri Property & Casualty Guaranty Association 375.772 RSMo. Requires policy to contain the guaranty fund endorsement  
Nonrenewal—Notice of 379.883 RSMo 60 days prior to the effective date of nonrenewal  
SR-22 filings-Premium 20 CSR 500-2.300(4)(B) Premiums charged for SR-22s shall be reasonable  
SR-26 filings—Cancellations 20 CSR 500-2.300(4) (5) & 303.210 RSMo. Requires an additional 10 days of coverage after the notice of cancellation if filed with the Department of Revenue  

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorists
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Arbitration 435.350 RSMo. Mandatory binding arbitration prohibited in contracts of insurance.  
Government vehicles Case Law--Martin v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company, 755 S.W. 2d 638 (Mo. Banc. 1988) May not exclude under the Uninsured Motorist coverage  
Medical Payments/Workers' Compensation Payments 20CSR500-1.200(2)(G)1 Uninsured Motorist coverage shall not permit the off-set of med. pay or wc payments  
Stacking Uninsured Motorist limits Case Law—Cameron Mutual Insurance Company v. Madden, 533 S.W.2d 538 (MO. Banc 1976) Mandatory on every vehicle insured in Missouri  
Underinsured Motorist Limits Reduction 379.204 RSMo. Underinsured Motorist coverage at limits less than 50/100 shall be paid as excess of the liability of any uninsured motor vehicle  
Underinsured Motorist Limits reduction 379.204 RSMo. Underinsured motorist coverage at limits less than 50/100 shall be paid over and above the other drivers liability limits, no limits to limits reductions  
Uninsured Motorist coverage 379.203 RSMo. Mandatory with minimum 25/50 Uninsured Motorist limits  
Uninsured Motorist coverage exception 379.203 RSMo. Uninsured Motorist coverage must be provided on all motor vehicles except those employers who have a fleet of 5 or more, 8 + passenger commercial Vehicles—Uninsured Motorist coverage must only be offered for this exception  

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Consent to Rate (A-Rate) 20CSR500-4.300 Sets out standards to using "Consent to Rate" filings  
Consent to Rate (A-Rate) 379.888.1(1) RSMo Defines "A Rates" as being those individually determined based on judgement because neither a rate service organization nor the insurer has established a manual rate  
Deviation from rating organization 379.326 RSMo Deviations from rating organizations shall be filed with the Director and are effective upon the date of filing  
Fees 375.052 RSMo. & 379.356 RSMo. Incidental fees to premium installments, late payments, policy reinstatements or other similar services specifically provided for by law or regulation are allowed  
Misquote of premium Bulletin 87-08 & 87-09 Policies in effect less than 60 days may be re-rated at the correct amount, those more than 60 days old must continue coverage at quoted rate unless insured misrepresented information  
Premium Notification 379.321.6(2) RSMo Requires insurers to send a notice to the agent of record and insured 60 days prior to the expiration date of the policy when the premium is increased by 25% or more  
Rate filings 379.321 RSMo. Rate, rate plans, modifications and manuals of classifications shall be filed with the Department for informational purposes only; however, the Director retains authority over excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory rates  
Rate increases prohibited 20CSR500-2.600(3) Insurers cannot increase premiums for not at fault accidents.  
Rate Standards 379.470 RSMo. Rates may not be excessive, inadequate or discriminatory; actuarial justification and a 3-year rate history is requested with all rate filings  
Rating organization filings 20 CSR 500-4.200(4) Insurers adopting loss costs filed by a rating organization must file Exhibit A, B & C  
Rebates 379.356 RSMo Prohibits rebating  

Loss Settlement Provisions
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Acknowledging claims/settlement provisions 375.1000-1007 RSMo & 20CSR100-1.020-1.050 Misrepresentation of policy provisions, failure to acknowledge pertinent communications, standards for prompt investigation of claims, standards for prompt, fair and equitable settlement of claims  
Arbitration 435.435 RSMo & Case Law—Standard Sec. Life Ins. Co. v. West 127 F.Sup.2d 1064 W.D. MO., 200 Arbitration statutes do not apply to insurance contracts  
Arbitration 20CSR500-1.600(1) Precludes insurers from issuing policies that contain compulsory arbitration provisions  
Intentional Acts 375.1312 RSMo Domestic violence, innocent coinsured statute  
Pre-judgement interest 408.040 RSMo Defines requirements on pre-judgement interest  
Statute of limitations 516.110 RSMo. 10 years  

Misc. related lines
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GAP(Guaranteed Auto Protection) We will follow the OCC's opinion in that al long as the credit provider indemnifies the debt cancellation agreement, it will not be regulated as insurance. However, any policies purchased by the credit provider to cover its obligations are considered to be insurance and will be regulated as such    
VSC(Vehicle Service Contracts) We consider anything other than the manufacturer or seller warranting its own product to be the business of insurance and regulate it as such