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Flood insurance

  • Home: Flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance policies. If you bought flood insurance, contact the agent who sold you the policy or the National Flood Insurance Program at or 888-379-9531. This site has more information about flood insurance, including how you can prepare and recover from a flood.
  • Auto: Liability insurance does not cover flood damage, but if you have insurance beyond liability, such as comprehensive, your damage may be covered.

Crop insurance

Some crop insurance policies cover flood damage. These are sold by private insurance companies and regulated by the federal Risk Management Agency. Most policies require you to file a claim within 72 hours of discovering crop damage. If you have damage, contact your crop insurance agent as soon as possible, or contact the Risk Management Agency at or call 202-690-2803.

We can help

If you believe your insurance company has not handled your claim properly, file a complaint. We will determine whether your insurance company has followed Missouri law in processing your claim.

What can I do if I don't have flood insurance?

You may be eligible for financial assistance. Ask the representatives at the local disaster application center or the toll-free disaster hotline.

Dealing with home repair contractors

When it comes time to repair damage to your home, be watchful for unscrupulous contractors. See our severe weather page for tips on working with home repair companies.