Workers' Compensation Rate Guide

Are you paying the lowest premium possible for your workers' compensation insurance? We can help you find out by giving you the lowest rates filed with the Department by insurance companies for your class code.

These rates form the basis for calculating your final premium and are a starting point for shopping for workers' compensation insurance. With few exceptions, the rates shown are per one hundred dollars of payroll.

Your final premium cost may depend on other factors besides these base premium rates, such as whether the insurance company will allow you additional premium credits for having a safety program or using managed care programs.

In addition, remember that there are other things to consider when shopping for insurance coverage besides cost, such as the quality of service you will likely receive from your insurance company.

Class codes can be obtained from the NCCI at 800-622-4123.  For general information regarding class codes, you may contact a workers’ compensation specialist in the Property and Casualty Section at 800-394-0964.


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