What is the CCPAP?
The Contractors Credit Premium Adjustment Program provides a premium credit for construction industry employers who pay high hourly wages.  It applies only to the construction class codes -- it does not apply to office workers or other non-construction employees.

Who is eligible?
Every Missouri employer who has workers compensation premium in one of the contracting classification codes. This includes any company that erects, demolishes, alters or repairs structures, and includes carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, painters, landscapers, welders, machinery installers, concrete construction workers, earthmovers or drillers.

"Contracting classifications" for MCCPAP are those with the following NCCI job classification numbers:

NCCI contracting classification codes
0042 5057 5215 5472 5538 6204 6251 7605
0050 5059 5221 5473 5551 6206 6252 7611
1322 5067 5222 5474 5606 6213 6260 7612
2779* 3365 5069 5223 5478 5610 6214 7613
3719 5102 5348 5479 5645 6216 6306 7855
3724 5146 5402 5480 5651 6217 6319 8227
3726 5160 5403 5491 5703 6229 6325 9534
5020 5183 5437 5505 5705 6233 6400 9554
5022 5188 5443 5506 6003 6235 7380*  
5037 5190 5445 5515 6005 6236 7538
5040 5213 5462 5537 6045 6237 7601

*Note: Code 2779 is effective 01 Jan 2011.

*Note: Code 7380 may be used only on policies where more than 50 percent of the total premium is produced by one or more of the contracting classifications listed.

How do I apply for the credit?
If your workers compensation policy has one of these construction classification codes, your insurer will automatically send you the form. If you have not received a form by your policy renewal date, contact your insurer. You must submit your form within 180 days from the date your policy renews or begins. The application form must be submitted to the National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) for calculation. The address for the NCCI is:

NCCI Missouri Contractors' Credit Premium Adjustment Program
901 Peninsula Corporate Circle
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

How much of a credit can I get?
The amount of your credit depends on how your average hourly wage compares to the state average hourly wage.

There is a mathematical formula that is used to calculate the exact credit applicable to each policy. The calculation is generated by the NCCI based upon the payroll information supplied by the insured. If, after receiving notification of the credit to be applied, there are questions as to how the credit was calculated, the NCCI can be reached at 800-622-4123.

Do I have to fill out the form?
You should fill out the form to see if you qualify for the credit. If your average hourly wage is under $18, you do not have to submit the form. You will still get a form next year.
What time period is used to calculate the CCPAP?
Generally, if you had a policy last year, you will use last year's third quarter (July to September) payroll to calculate your average wage, excluding wages of executive officers, sole proprietors or partners. If you did not work during the third quarter, you will use payroll information for the last complete quarter you worked.